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The type you choose can both attract or repel the audience. So choosing the right LED glow sign board type is essential

The Best Type Of Sign Boards Your Business Needs

LED glow signs are a modern indoor and outdoor advertising trend that most businesses use to promote their brands. By choosing from a wide range of illuminated signs, companies can increase brand awareness and brand awareness and promote their products / services. The type of sign you choose can attract and repel the audience. Therefore, it is important to choose the right LED glow sign type.

There are different types of signs that your business can benefit from. Each LED light-up sign type is unique and can be used for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

Types We offer To Choose

1. Display Flanges

LED display flanges are the best form of outdoor advertising. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be designed very individually. The display flange provides 24-hour brand awareness. The flange is a double-sided LED sign that can be mounted on the wall or outside the store. LED illuminated flanges are waterproof, extremely durable and long lasting. Great for getting the attention of enthusiastic shoppers in a crowded shopping district.

Types of display flanges:

  • Lollipop flange
  • Wall mounted flange
  • Acrylic flange
  • LED flange backlit

2. Light Boxes

LED lightboxes are one of the most effective advertising media. Lightboxes with LEDs on are known to attract a wider audience than signs or signs that are off. Major brands such as Signature, LIC, Black Dog, 100 Pipers, Fortis and Bacardi are rolling out custom LED lightbox frame / panel ads.

Type of Light box we offer:

  • Retail point-of-sale displays
  • Custom light box for corporate
  • LED light box for airports, train stations
  • Custom light box for pubs, nightclubs, and bars
  • Restaurants, showrooms and exhibitions

3. Liquid Acrylic Signs & & Mini Acrylic Letters

Acrylic Sign is a variety of sophisticated glow railway boards with glass-like textures and finishing. Acrylic characters can highlight graphics, company logos, and simple text using a very bright color and a mixture of custom cast or edited acrylic. Acrylic characters and signage when illuminated by LED are the most important way of the dial.
One of the excellent features of liquid acrylic characters is their durability. It’s easy and has extreme weather conditions. Acrylic signs are not as fragile as glass. It is strong, solid and long lasting.

Types of Acrylic Signboard We Offer:

  • Liquid acrylic signs
  • Mini acrylic signs
  • 3D acrylic letters

4. Neon’s

LED neon`s are forever in trend technology in modern marketing. LED neon lights are everywhere outdoor advertisements, signage, billboards, and more. LED neon signs, unlike traditional glass neon, are not fragile. They are easy to create and are highly durable when compared to glass neon’s. And unlike glass neon’s they can be animated & programmed. The LED neon sign can be finished in any shape and shape with the color that matches the brand. It can be installed inside or outside the store to add soft lighting and long-lasting impact.

5. Resin Signs

Wishing for a 3-D branding option? Resin symptoms and symptoms / epoxy resin letters are famed for this purpose. Resin symptoms and symptoms are very tons desired for indoor and out of doors signage. Custom epoxy resin symptoms and symptoms are cherished through entrepreneurs as they offer superbly curved edges that’s more difficult to acquire with different substances used for signages. Epoxy resin letters are a really perfect desire for indoor marketing and marketing to feature the sophistication within the store.

Types We Offer:

  • Custom acrylic resin sign boards
  • Epoxy resin sign boards
  • 3D resin sign boards

6. Slim Lights

Sleek lightboxes and billboards are another exciting choice for shining billboards that catch the attention of the audience. The stunning use of color and LED lighting gives a slim lightbox great characteristics. If the static is boring, a slim lightbox is perfect for animated LED signage. You can use the flat LED light to display your logo or brand name with your favorite attractive image.

So which sign should you choose? Contact 5d Printing & Advertising now for dynamic LED illumination signs & displays.

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