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We are a facade light company in Qatar and we have been successful in this. We have installed more than 1000 facade lights. We have an experienced team of engineers, electricians and experts who are dedicated to providing the best service to our customers. 

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Lighting up your future like never before!

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Lighting up your place by installing Facade lights in and around your building. LED lights are more energy-efficient and reduce your carbon footprint.

High-quality lighting

People would see your logo and think "wow! That place has got some cool facade lights! Get some Facade Light Technology to illuminate your future today!

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Every construction needs a well-lit facade for super cool looks, and safety. Isn't tough to get a trustworthy facade light agency? Don't worry, Facade experts are here

Get Facade Light Technology to illuminate your future today!

Innovative technology that includes ecosafe & high-efficiency LEDs

Install Your Facade with 5d Ads

We are committed to continually innovating, improving and providing quality products with the best value for money. Qatar facade light company – exterior lighting qatar

The ever-changing climate in Qatar means that the temperature inside and outside your home can vary greatly. The need for a sustainable, affordable, and effective solution is paramount. Luckily, you have the option to install facade lights to create a more pleasant environment. and  your space comfortable.

It’s time to start designing your interior with natural light from sun rays and high-performance LED light fixtures. With high-quality LED lighting, you can replace your incandescent lights and start saving more money every month with lower bills for electricity! We have a wide range of facade lights that vary from 40w to 1000w.

Contact us for a best facade lighting experience for any kind of building and brighten up the looks and get the luxury look for your building.

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