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Effective Brand Packaging And Label Tips :

Most branding designs today are basically very simple and visually inspiring, in print in line with current design trends.

With our excellent brand packaging and labels, you can present your customers with eye-catching, functional and informative product introductions. You can also withdraw a subpoena from a customer.

Here are some design tips for creating great brand packages and labels.


1. Branding Using Images In The Package

Most of the latest packages sell both products and brands with some form of product photo or associated label image. Labels and package photos can be black and white, full color, or colored. Determine the format that best reflects your company’s branding, message, and products, and stay consistent across all product lines.


2. Clearly Indicate Your Brand On All Packages And Labels

 We adhere to the KISS principle and keep brand packaging and labels simple and consistent. Your customers (or consumers) don’t have to work hard to find and understand your products and what they are used for. The information you place on your product packaging and labeling must match your brand. Still, you need to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively. Clarity and accessibility should be your ultimate goal.


3. Shopping bag branding

Shopping bags are often a big part of the packaging and labeling of any business. Branded shopping bags are essentially walking ads. Apply the same details of forms and features to these silent salespeople to complete your advertising and marketing strategies and create compelling and effective walking promotional items.

4. Shape Of Your Package

As the old saying goes, morphology follows function. It simply means that you need to consider the shape of your package in relation to its intended use. This includes how the product will appear on the packaging and be consumed. Before you start designing your branding, think about all your packaging needs, shape and functionality.

5. Typography and branding

Like packaging typography, labeling typography needs to convey the brand and message. Serif fonts are the classic flagship of many products, but when products and services are in fashion, sans-serif fonts are a better choice. Experiment with different fonts until you find a font that will help you convey your message and effectively convey your brand on all packages and labels.


Still Have Questions About Branding?
5d is a printing company based in Qatar. In addition to helping with custom printing of packages and labels, we also have an in-house design team to help create branded packages and labels.

Contact us by email, call +97433337589 or email us to discuss all your branding, packaging and labeling needs.

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